Developer Interview: Ian ‘McTeddy’ Richard

May 28, 2015

Today’s Game Developers Like You interview is with Ian ‘McTeddy’ Richard of Maine. Q: What are some of the videogames that you’ve worked on? A: I worked on Go Play: Circus Stars and Medieval Games for the Nintendo Wii as a professional programmer. Last year, I did the OneGameAMonth challenge alternating between Retro-Remakes of “Bad”…

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Developer Interview: Celestipoo

Today’s Game Developers Like You interview is with Celestipoo of Miami Beach, FL. Q: What’s a typical day in your life as a game developer like? A: I work gamedev contracts and we also develop our own software; some game related, some not. I wake up at 11am and make my way to the kitchen… Read more »

Partial Remake for Study: N64 GoldenEye in Unity

As indicated in the video: I am not releasing (and not selling) any part of this. I made the project only for practice, and as way to better understand the mechanics and functional details for one of my favorite games.     Coming up next: more Game Developers Like You text interviews! Read more »

Developer Interview: Asix Jin

Q: Hi Asix! For starters, mind telling us about yourself and your game development story so far? A: I am 23 years young. I work as an Android developer to pay the bills. In my spare time I am teaching myself game development, focusing on my personal projects. Although it’s hard, self-teaching allows me the… Read more »

Developer Interview: Felipe Nanni

Today’s Game Developers Like You interview (still going throughout April 2015!) is with Felipe Nanni of Brazil. Q: Hi Felipe! For starters, how would you like to introduce yourself and your experiences? A: I’m 25 years old and I’ve been making small experiments to learn and test ideas on Game Maker for 2 years. Before… Read more »

Developer Interview: Matt Christian of Subject Matter Games

Today’s Game Developers Like You interview (now extended into April 2015, too!) is with Matt Christian of Wisconsin. Q: Hey Matt! High level – to set things up – what’s your story so far? A: I’m currently the creative director and CEO of Subject Matter Games. I have an educational background in computer programming and… Read more »

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