Payment Models and Game Design Tastes

Apr 16, 2014

How we pay has a role in shaping what we play. I touched briefly on this in my recent Lost Levels talk. It’s also a topic that I wrote about a year ago in Influence of Business Models on Game Design. I’ve reused and updated a few of those same points from that past entry,…

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Interest-Driven Design Audio Course: First Track

As part of my preparations for the HobbyGameDev Kit coming out later this month, I’ve recorded a new multi-hour audio course titled Interest-Driven Design. By interest-driven, I’m referring to the kinds of videogames that we make simply because we want to make them, in contrast to profit-driven design. The course covers many of the practices,… Read more »

HobbyGameDev Kit: Announcement with Free Preview & Email Course

The HobbyGameDev Kit will be coming out at the end of this month, on April 30. The Kit brings together an eBook, example code, audio course, and an optional 2-call system (more on that in a minute!). What I want to bring special attention to today is the recently released Free Preview, a download which… Read more »

5 Min Impromptu Talk from Lost Levels at GDC 2014

At Game Developers Conference 2014 there were a handful of points that I was discussing with the friends, readers, and strangers (soon new friends!) that I ran into. While across the street at Lost Levels I had an opportunity to talk for a 5 min. interval, and jumped at the chance to share with a… Read more »

Other Helpful Developers to Follow on Twitter

Once again putting my @HobbyGameDev account on Twitter to use in an effort to better help and understand the videogame development community, the other day I asked the following: Game developers, whether beginning now or experienced, who are some people on Twitter that've helped you start or become a better developer? — Hobby Game Dev… Read more »

Prototypes Build Bridges to New Ideas

When we make things, we often do so because we want X to exist in a world in which we can identify that the world wants X yet X does not yet exist. We can illustrate that change with a diagram of this style:   Transformation: Template (state before) >–(what you do or make)–> (state… Read more »

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