GameDevsLikeYou Podcasts 8-15 Plus New Video Course

Sep 21, 2015

Hello again! The newest episodes of the Game Developers Like You podcast once again feature a variety of viewpoints and experience levels, which in this latest set includes: • a producer of Game Boy Color games at Nintendo, Atari Jaguar ports, and toys • a contract game programmer who’s also had his book on game…

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GameDevsLikeYou Podcasts 1-7

Hello everyone! As promised in the previous post I’ve been redirecting my monthly blogging energy into getting a new episode of the Game Developers Like You podcast posted at the start of each week. Already you’ll find in that mix a variety of viewpoints and experience levels: a studio founder, a pre-teen iPhone game programmer,… Read more »

HobbyGameDev Blog is turning into the GameDevsLikeYou Podcast

You can find future interviews (a great first one is posted there already!) at, by subscribing to the official podcast page on iTunes, or subscribing via RSS. In just a few minutes here’s some information about the transition:     Also, as one additional bit of news on the horizon, I’m starting a new… Read more »

Developer Interview: Matthew Hagen

Today’s Game Developers Like You interview is with Matthew Hagen of Minnesota. Q: Hi Matthew! How’d you find your way into game development? A: In school I majored in animation and multimedia, with a 3D emphasis. I got my first game development job at a local mobile game studio called Troop 13 while I was… Read more »

Developer Interview: _jpcote_

Today’s Game Developers Like You interview is with_jpcote_ of Montreal, Canada. He’s a 32-year-old dad with a day job in software engineering. Q: What are the first things that you would like for us to know? A: I love designing games. I have hundreds of designs in my notebook. I spend most of my time… Read more »

Developer Interview: Mystery Corgi

Today’s Game Developers Like You interview is with Mystery Corgi – real name Morgana – a 23 year old developer making games in northern California. Q: For starters, what do you do? A: I’m a gaming-centric artist, musician, writer, and programmer. I prefer to write scripts and stories for games, but I occasionally do logos,… Read more »

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