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Dice, spinners, playing cards, and board games

Apr 29, 2009

“Imitating paper on a computer screen is like tearing the wings off a 747 and using it as a bus on the highway.” -Ted Nelson There’s a pervading notion in videogame design courses, lectures, books, conference workshops, and online discussion forums that the best way to understand and plan videogame design is through a deep… Read more »

Finishing Matters. So Help Someone Finish.

Apr 27, 2009

Partial Indie Game Developers I know many partial indie game developers. I say partial because whether they’re a student making a hobby project, a professional at a large company with their own game on the side, or an expert in another field exploring game making as a hobby, they haven’t finished what they started. All… Read more »

Free Software for Image, Audio, Code, 3D Models

Apr 27, 2009

Free Software For image creation and manipulation: GNU Image Manipulation Program For sound effect creation and editing: Audacity For 3D modelling: Blender Programming compiler for ActionScript3, used in programming web games: Includes mxmlc, an AS3 compiler (Free tutorial for mxmlc install and set up) Programming compiler for C++, used in programming… Read more »

What Videogames Are Made Of

Apr 2, 2009

Videogames Have 2 “Materials” Videogames are composed of 2 general things: data (images, sounds, songs, levels) and code (computer instructions). Images and sounds are made wit gh image and audio editing programs. Levels are also usually made in something like an image editor – but instead of placing shapes, the software is used to place… Read more »

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