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Consequences of What We Make

May 27, 2009

Effects of Videogames Many people outside the videogame industry – mostly those that have never played a videogame – have a lot to say about what effects they think videogames have on players. They fear that we are making crime simulators that shorten attention spans, drive people to be anti-social, promote inaction, and waste the… Read more »

Many Details Are Productivity Traps

May 27, 2009

Attention to Detail One of the biggest challenges facing videogames today is attention to detail. As in, there’s way too much of it. Or, more specifically, the precious time and limited resources that could have been spent far more productively on details that matter got completely wasted on tinkering with details that ultimately have little… Read more »

Resourcefulness vs Resources

May 27, 2009

You Don’t Need More Time, Staff, or Money Developers often wish that they had more time, personnel, or expensive development tools, believing that these are the keys to producing a better game. Any project could be made with more of those things. More importantly, any project could also be made with considerably less of those… Read more »

Making a Habit of Making the Time

May 27, 2009

Good Habits Are Hard to Break My father once made the point to me that a good habit is as hard to break as a bad one. Some people find themselves with momentum on a course they’re unhappy with, while others are virtually coasting to success. The main difference – within our control at least… Read more »

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