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The Human Brain is Your Target Platform

Jun 27, 2009

It’s what’s in the imagination that counts. I tried the first Mega Man on a whim. I was at the local rental store, and the box appealed to me. I bought later versions of Mega Man because I wanted to refine my concept of what I read the new bosses were like – what weapons… Read more »

Questions for Experienced Developers

Jun 27, 2009

5 question areas that I hope all experienced developers are considering 1. It was difficult for you to get to where you are today, right? What can you do to help others get into it? When get older we’d all like to have better videogames to play. Sooner is better than later to give kids… Read more »

From Technical Skills to Game Making Skills

Jun 27, 2009

5 ways to turn domain and tool competence into videogame creation 1. Doing is half the battle People have said “knowing is half the battle” for so long that lots of tech savvy people, somehow, forgot about the other half. “I can do that” is critically different than, “I’m doing that”. In the time that… Read more »

From No Games to First Games

Jun 27, 2009

6 things that helped me go from making no games to making my first games 1. Turn off the ways your computer tries to hide technical details A car mechanic – even more so a car designer and manufacturer – needs to know what a car looks like under the hood, and can’t just enjoy… Read more »

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