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InteractionArtist Interview

Jul 24, 2009

The interview: This was an interview about my daily experimental game projects, for Action, of: My official site for the daily experimental projects is here: The JayIsGames article on my experimental work may be a better place to start: (Originally posted as Vol. 4 Sec. 4) Este artículo está disponible… Read more »

Benefits of Working with a Company

Jul 24, 2009

Experienced, but still haven’t tried the jump to professional work? Or, currently doing professional work with a company, and thinking about how life might be different if you split off to be an independent hobbyist? My own career path in life up to this point – from independent hobbyist, to a year with a huge… Read more »

Low-Budget Visibility

Jul 24, 2009

You’ve made one or more games. Congratulations! I assume that you have made it possible for people to get to your game, but if you’re like most indie developers, odds are good that you haven’t gone very far out of your way to make it probable that people will find and play it. As the… Read more »

Thinking Like a Programmer, Thinking Like a Designer

Jul 23, 2009

Learning gameplay design will make a gameplay programmer a better gameplay programmer. Learning gameplay programming will make a gameplay designer a better gameplay designer. The ancient Greeks espoused an ideal of balanced unmatched in modern civilization. Every adult should have experience and developed skill in carpentry, playing an instrument, participating in athletics, speaking persuasively on… Read more »

Stickiness: Why the Player Keeps Playing

Jul 23, 2009

There are 3 distinct time frames that need to be addressed: Moment-to-Moment – Something desirable always in reach, only a few seconds or actions away. Ammo packs, small groups of enemies, collectibles (coins or rings, toward an extra life or level completion), or simply enjoyable core movements (flying, clambering…). Moment-to-Moment appeal isn’t 100% necessary for… Read more »

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