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Knowing When to Hack

Aug 24, 2009

Hacking as Rushed Programming The word “hacking” doesn’t mean to programmers and software developers what it does to laymen. It used to mean committing computer crimes, but today that is more often referred to as cracking, or with an extra preposition added in the phrasing “hacking into” a computer. When people first started editing commercial… Read more »

Level Design Concepts*

Aug 24, 2009

Philosophies Every decision in a level’s design is a conscious act by the level designer. Levels aren’t made by placing walls; levels are made by planning. Once a level developer is accustomed to the toolset at hand, and the underlying game engine, emphasis shifts from placing “walls” to placing “rooms,” and from placing “enemies” to… Read more »

Simple Breakout Game Source (C, Allegro)

Aug 24, 2009

Download the Breakout Example Source Code To play, move your mouse to position the paddle, and click to reset the ball when it is off the screen. Press the Escape key to quit. The zip file includes pre-compiled binaries for both Mac (breakout-mac) and PC/Windows (breakout.exe) – just double click those to play. The instructions… Read more »

Game Programming Fundamentals*

Aug 24, 2009

Programming Basics in Game Context The goal of this section is certainly not to immediately transform someone with no prior programming experience into a game programmer. That takes time and practice, reading and trying, experimenting and thinking, over a period of weeks (basics), months (intermediate), and years (expert). This is not intended to take the… Read more »

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