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Featured: Juan Campa

Sep 24, 2009

In recently I put out a call to rising indie developers to nominate one another (or themselves!) for a chance at some additional recognition and acclaim. Congratulations to Juan Campa, of Venezuela, and his nominator Jorge Palacios! The following letter came in from Jorge, included here because it very effectively links to Jorge’s work, puts… Read more »

Decision Making – Don’t Be the Donkey

Sep 24, 2009

Meet the Donkey “If you aren’t sure which way to do something, do it both ways and see which works better.” –John Carmack Buridan’s Donkey (traditionally known as “Buridan’s ass“) is a parable from philosophy in which a donkey, standing before two equally appetizing bales of hay, is unable to decide on a reason to… Read more »

Videogame Difficulty

Sep 24, 2009

Why Discuss Difficulty By the time a developer is nearly done with their game, they have played it thousands, perhaps tends of thousands, of times, and have practiced its controls and puzzles since they first took shape. What’s an appropriate level of challenge to a new player may be boring to the game’s designer, and… Read more »

Defining Videogame Design

Sep 24, 2009

Soft Skills At big companies, where specialization deeply takes root, there’s a question echoing through the halls asked by artists, programmers, business people, and audio experts alike: “What do game designers actually do?” The implied answer is often “nothing”. They aren’t drawing the images, coding game functionality, negotiating funding, or making sound effects. The lack… Read more »

The Ways of Self-Education

Sep 24, 2009

You Can Teach Yourself Most of the skills that you’ll need to make videogames, you can teach yourself. …says the guy that devotes much of his free time to teaching videogame making. What I most like to do is help people that already know how to make videogames learn how to do it better. The… Read more »

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