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Warren Robinett – Atari Adventure – Interview

Oct 24, 2009

(Este artículo está disponible en español. Traducción por cortesía de Andrés de Pedro.) In the foreword to The Video Game Theory Reader, Warren Robinett, who invented the action-adventure genre of videogames in his mid-20’s, mentioned that the people who built the conceptual foundations of our industry – our medium’s versions of Bach, Plato, Shakespeare –… Read more »

Is a Videogame Its Source Code?

Oct 24, 2009

A Brief Discussion with Jesper Juul Games are made of rules. Videogames are not. That is at the center of the discussion I had with well-known videogame professor Jesper Juul, based on his old blog post that I ran into through Ian Bogost’s DiGRA 2009 keynote. It began on his blog: My initial discussion of… Read more »

Establishing a Videogame Development Club

Oct 24, 2009

Carnegie Mellon’s Game Creation Society While in school, I helped get a game development club off the ground, structuring its processes, setting the standards, and ensuring projects began in a way suitable for their teams to finish. That club is the Game Creation Society at Carnegie Mellon, and you can find the videogames from it… Read more »

First Time Working Together

Oct 24, 2009

Breadth of Skills is Useful… I’m an advocate for solo game development. I encourage developing a breadth of skills. I think it’s helpful for every game developer to have at least a little comfort and fluency in the tools needed for art, sound, and programming. This improves communication. This creates respect between people with different… Read more »

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