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E-Book: 10 Years of Indie Dev Takeaways

Dec 25, 2009

In 2007, on my way out of Carnegie Mellon’s Game Creation Society, I wrote The Young Videogame Developer’s Journal as a way to leave behind some of the lessons that I learned from my previous decade of making homebrew videogames. After finishing the first edition, I got feedback from peers, and things slowed down to… Read more »

On the Meaning of Alice in Bomberland

Dec 25, 2009

Alice in Bomberland is a videogame for iPhone and iPod Touch that I developed along with a team of supporting artists, published by Sonic Boom. I wrote a lengthy essay on the meaning and design of Alice for my admissions essay to Georgia Tech’s Digital Media program. It’s available online both as a print-ready PDF… Read more »

Particle Effects Code

Dec 25, 2009

What are Particle Effects? Puffs of dirt kicked up from tires, smoke after explosions, empty shell casings ejecting from automatic rifles, and splashes of water are all particle effects. Shattered pieces of scored gems in a puzzle game, splatters of blood from gunfire, broken glass, chunks of wood, snowflakes, sparks, and shards of plants are… Read more »

Programming Asteroids

Dec 25, 2009

Asteroids Starting Game Source To play, you’ll first need to compile the source into an executable. This can be done in only 5-10 minutes following the steps below, and is the first step to your exploring the elements of programming. Unzip/copy these files into a new folder before continuing (you can unzip them anywhere; creating… Read more »

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