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On the Meaning of feelforit (iPhone/Web)

Mar 2, 2010

[Update: feelforit was an IndieCade 2010 Finalist.] [Update #2: feelforit is now free to play online (no iPhone required!) as a Flash port.] feelforit is about the tacit understanding involved in bringing our state of mind into alignment with how we wish it to be. Mechanically, it was designed bottom-up around the iPhone’s unique form… Read more »

Fun is a Bad Word (or: Is Meth “Fun”?)

Mar 2, 2010

What Does “Interesting” Mean? My 11th grade English teacher was overqualified for her job. Brilliant woman, had no trouble seeing and speaking straight through the BS around her (whether from students or her coworkers), and won over her share of admiring students that liked to be challenged and appreciated being corrected. On one unfortunate Fall… Read more »

Best of GDL First Year

Mar 2, 2010

Whether you’re a first time reader, or a long time peruser, the following are pieces from past editions of Text Lessons that I would like all readers to know are available. [A couple of months after this article was posted, GameDevLessons changed to HobbyGameDev, and the Text Lessons were rebranded as Articles.] Please Note:… Read more »

Learn Videogame Development Like Woodworking

Mar 2, 2010

How Woodshop is Taught The instructor first has everyone read a bit of text about shop safety (how to not lose an eye, how to not lose a finger…) and basic concepts (grain, sanding, estimating board foot requirements for rough sawn lumber). A brief tour of the shop is given to introduce the various hand… Read more »

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