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InteractionArtist: My 219 Tiny Experimental Projects

Apr 2, 2010

Update: I’ve also recorded a video tour with additional background. I was a guest speaker in Fall 2009 for the Videogames as Art class at UC Berkeley. The topic: my experimental interaction projects at InteractionArtist was the name I eventually settled on for a series of tiny projects that I developed daily from November… Read more »

Recommended Reading

Apr 2, 2010

From HobbyGameDev Vol. 6 Sec. 2, on using books as a resource: Cost can seem like a factor, since good books on this subject can easily be in the $30-$80 range, but the important things to think about are that (a.) the cost per hour is quite low, (b.) the overall cost pales in comparison… Read more »

$0 Flash Development: Quick Intro to MXMLC

Apr 2, 2010

Here is how to make Flash videogames using command-line compilation, without needing to spend $250-$700 on Adobe’s Flash software. No prior experience with Flash or programming is required. Though, if do you have programming experience and are eager to transition to programming cross-platform web applications that don’t require users to download and install anything (I Read more »

Command-Line Arguments and Navigation

Apr 2, 2010

For the majority of computer users, using the command-line is never going to be more efficient than pointing and clicking. That is the better way for most people to complete most tasks. Programmers have needs that differ from many other users… > > (Hosted on another page) < < Originally posted as part of… Read more »

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