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Realism and Gameplay

Nov 27, 2010

When should realism be compromised for gameplay? Turned around: when should gameplay be compromised for realism? Simulations Gran Turismo 5 came out this week, the latest in a realism-centered racing franchise that began in the late 90’s, and ARMA, a military simulation following the Operation Flashpoint series from 2001, continues to see new sequels and… Read more »

Getting Started with Programming

Nov 27, 2010

Programming is a time consuming skill to learn. It occasionally involves frustration, confusion, and plain old work. But it’s worth it. It really is. The end result, and learning how to produce those results, gives excitement to the challenges involved. To speak the language of computers, to invent novel solutions, to craft the little universes… Read more »

HobbyGameDev Summaries for Georgia Tech VGDev

Nov 13, 2010

Beginning in the start of November, I have been in the process of founding an organization at Georgia Tech (VGDev SIG) similar to the one I helped established at Carnegie Mellon (Game Creation Society). After each meeting this semester, I’m giving brisk 30 minute talks on student videogame development, and those slides go online for… Read more »

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