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Four Aspects and Interpretation

Dec 31, 2010

Does instructing the player to hurry mean they’ll go faster? Would simply showing a time limit on the screen change behavior? What if the environment the avatar is in appears to be only moments from collapse? Importantly: if the above are included, does there even need to be severe gameplay consequence for failing to go… Read more »

First-Time Visitor Guide to HobbyGameDev

Dec 28, 2010

I’ve received feedback that one of the challenges for first-time developers coming to this site is that the volume of content can make it difficult to find a sensible starting point. Although I published a Best Of, that’s now roughly 30 entries behind. Here’s a fresh pass – albeit not as a “Best of”, so… Read more »

Rapid Implementation (UAV Game)

Dec 28, 2010

Earlier this month, Remy Karns, a student at UC Berkeley, called me for help with implementing his 3 page design document. 7 hours later, I had UAV Game made based on his spec (play in Flash, no download/install required). UAV is short for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. I wrote an article about this game for the… Read more »

Position and Speed Variables

Dec 27, 2010

The impression of spatial continuity – that an object exists at some location, and stays there until it moves to an adjacent position – is not assumed by a computer. This seemingly natural behavior has to be described in code by the programmer. Fortunately, there is a pattern for this. It can seem obtuse the… Read more »

Don’t Wait for an Event, Job, Contest, Assignment, Invitation, Business Plan, or Context

Dec 1, 2010

This entry is the month’s “Advanced” article (in case the pattern isn’t apparent, every month I add one article for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Special Topic). As such, I’m assuming here – contrary to the assumption made by 1/2-3/4 of the articles on this site – that you already know how to program in a… Read more »

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