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Are Complex Systems Learned by Interacting with Complex Systems?

Feb 28, 2011

Many videogames are complex systems. It follows, according to casual discussion of games and learning, that complex systems are what we learn by playing videogames. This assumption leads to the idea that to teach a complex system, we should model it, and somehow make a game out of that model. However there is a subtle… Read more »

Rant: I Can Imagine

Feb 28, 2011

Producer: “I can imagine a situation where the player will expect…” Engineer: “I can imagine a case where the designer may want a level to…” Designer: “I can imagine someone getting frustrated when…” The phrase “I can imagine” comes up with surprisingly frequency during videogame development. I’ve heard it used on teams both large and… Read more »

Reading Between the Lines: Learning by Experience

Feb 28, 2011

This graphic represents a series of decisions, and the success of acting on those decisions, each of which leads to other opportunities to make decisions and act on them. As time progresses, the player advances in circumstances along the arrows in the direction they are pointed. Taking one arrow rather than another at a forked… Read more »

Questions from an Elementary School Class

Feb 10, 2011

A friend recently put me in touch with an elementary school class to answer questions students had about videogame development. I’m sharing my reply here, in hopes that the material may be of use to other curious gamers or young developers. Links are included throughout to supplementary information written for a more general audience. How… Read more »

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