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Games Are Artificial. Videogames Are Not. Games Have Rules. Videogames Do Not.

Mar 31, 2011

Rules in Computer Games Compared to Rules in Traditional Games is now available as an updated and improved version of this essay, presented in video form. This is something I have tried to explain before, on a few occasions, framing the argument different ways. I’m trying another way here, which I think may be clearer.… Read more »

Contact Double Agent: Preserving Uncertainty (Analysis of Dr. Doak in GoldenEye 007)

Mar 31, 2011

Last minute topic switch! I was preparing a few different entries for the Beginner post this month, however all of them could use a little more iteration before they are ready for posting, and it seems I have run out of time. Here, instead, is a paper I recently prepared for one of my courses,… Read more »

From iPhone to Flash: Porting Transcend, Tumult, and feelforit

Mar 31, 2011

“feelforit is my favorite iPhone project that I’ve made, and Transcend is my favorite iPad project that I’ve made. I’m even more excited for the upcoming release of Tumult…” –Why HobbyGameDev? June 13, 2010 Why Port from iOS to Flash iPad 2 came out recently. Just like when iPhone 4 came out, and iPhone 3G,… Read more »

Open Response: How Do You Come Up With Ideas?

Mar 14, 2011

Q: I’ve been mulling around a few ideas but nothing is ever good enough that I want to take my time to build it. How/where do you get your inspiration? How does someone come up with a decent idea? A: Set a deadline, suitable for your experience and comfort with the technology. Pick an end-date… Read more »

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