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Think by Building / Build to Answer Questions*

Jun 30, 2011

A musician is more likely to dream up new songs by strumming on the guitar than by writing notes on the page. A chef is more likely to invent a new recipe by trying a bold variation on an otherwise known formula – while actively preparing the invented dish, not while sitting in the park… Read more »

Playing Videogames 1984-1996

Jun 30, 2011

This isn’t a review blog, nor a personal gameplay journal. However since I often allude to older games, I figured it might help to take an entry to look at how context for our gameplay has changed. I was a kid during NES/SNES era, teenager for N64, in university when the Wii was released. The… Read more »

The Brain is Not an Emulator*

Jun 29, 2011

If you’re not familiar with Verbal Overshadowing, I suggest looking into it. Go ahead, I’ll wait. At least read the first three sentences there, and you’ll get the gist. As it relates to this entry: when thoughts about a “principally non-verbal process” (gameplay) are digested into words, they can interfere with the accuracy of those… Read more »

Clone Videogames to Learn Real-Time Videogame Design

Jun 29, 2011

Is there a videogame you enjoy that uses simple graphics, relies more on action or puzzles than high fidelity art/audio atmosphere, and can get by with straightforward level structures and (if applicable) AI? Clone it. Or at least most of its core functionality. Not as a business move, and not to try to get famous… Read more »

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