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Aug 31, 2011

I’ve received the following feedback from multiple visitors: “There’s a lot of good content, and plenty of variety – but as a new reader that can also be a problem. It would simply take too much time to find what I missed that’s applicable to my situation and interests.” Blogging, by its nature, prioritizes material… Read more »

Replay Value in Emergent Moments and Uses of Score

Aug 31, 2011

For Ian Bogost‘s seminar, Philosophy of Sport, I’m reading and discussing an academic or historical book about sports each week. Our first reading, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht’s In Praise of Athletic Beauty, semi-indirectly got me thinking about my behavior and enjoyment when playing team capture the flag videogames (WarHawk PS3, Team Fortress, Unreal Tournament 2k4). I… Read more »

Many Games Are Not About Choices

Aug 30, 2011

Sid Meier has a famous quote that, “A [good] game is a series of interesting choices” (Rollings & Morris 2000, p. 38). Some games are, no doubt, a series of choices. I don’t mean to suggest otherwise. However since this phrase is so easy to repeat, and so easy to understand, it has echoed all… Read more »

2 Audio Interviews, Plus Slides from Last Year’s GDC Microtalk

Aug 30, 2011

OurMedia Interview (20 min.) – a bit about my earlier background, answering various questions about beginning game development. Slides from my GDC Microtalk last year (PPT slides) – about the value of technical constraints and resource limitations on creative end-results. Notes below each slide capture my points during the presentation. “Making Your Own Game” podcast… Read more »

Pinball as Historical Player-vs-Machine Twitch Gameplay

Aug 11, 2011

The types of videogames that I enjoy – or at least the aspects of videogames that I enjoy most – are those focused on hand-eye coordination, immediate playability, rewarding audio & visual spectacle, bringing order to chaos, and practice/replay. Meanwhile the overwhelming majority of the existing literature, workshop resources, and publicly documented design techniques for… Read more »

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