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The Appeal of Modern Military FPS Games

Oct 31, 2011

Q: It seems horrific that so many of the highest profile games lately have been depicting modern warfare in first-person. Why do people find a thrill in experiencing reality as soldiers? A: Playing a videogame is, fortunately for everyone involved, quite different than experiencing reality as soldiers. Playing a videogame is even less real than… Read more »

Picking a Programming Language

Oct 31, 2011

Q: My son is interesting in developing videogames, possibly as a career, and is now getting into the world of programming. We’re not sure why we would choose one programming language over another. Any tips? A: There are many options, depending upon what his and your objectives and preferences are. Another entry, Choosing a Development… Read more »

Zylatov Sisters Process and Progress

Oct 31, 2011

Everyone manages their project teams differently, and works on parts in their own preferred order. I’d like to briefly share a window here into the first month of updates on one of our ongoing projects, in case it may any strategies or ideas of interest to others. This semester in Georgia Tech VGDev (link to… Read more »

Deer Hunter (1997): Early Casual

Oct 30, 2011

In 1997, Sunstorm Interactive released a value-priced game named Deer Hunter. Walking happened only while viewing the map – by clicking on where to stand next – and never from first person. Opening that map to move briefly froze the game. Player control in first-person consisted of turning or raising/lowering the view, but the game… Read more »

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