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Question About Comp Sci Major and Game Development

Jan 30, 2012

Question, Part 1 – Hi Chris. This is my first year in college, and I’m currently a Computer Science [CS] major. However I came in with no prior programming experience, so the math and programming classes so far have been pretty tough. I am thinking about switching my major to something more enjoyable, and just… Read more »

3 Mini-Portmortems

Jan 27, 2012

Here are mini-postmortems on 3 team projects for which I served as a lead for code/design or otherwise primary role. I handled programming and much of the gameplay design, but was not the only designer and developed the games in collaboration with artists, writers, musicians and other designers. Full credits are available in each case… Read more »

Controlling Project Size

Jan 25, 2012

One of my entries from November 2010 included links to slides from several introductory talks I prepared for VGDev, our student game development club at Georgia Tech. Last semester, I put together and updated a single summary presentation of highlights from those slides, which is now available on SlideShare as Controlling Project Size for Student/Hobby… Read more »

Mediated Input (Scribd/PDF)

Jan 22, 2012

I recently completed the other sections of the paper surrounding last month’s Skills in Mediated Input. Conceptually this entry is along similar lines to Galaga and Making Interesting Decisions, although Mediated Input focuses on contrast between athletics and real-time videogames rather than pure-decision games and real-time videogames. Topics discussed include: Which types of tacit skills… Read more »

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