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Diffusion of Responsibility

Feb 29, 2012

When I gave a talk recently, one of the students attending asked afterward what I considered the optimal size for a team of beginning developers. Specifically he asked, “Is 10 too many?” My answer was 2-4 per game. Given 10 completely green developers looking to make games, I would advise splitting that group into 3… Read more »

Launch of Vision by Proxy Dev Blog

Feb 28, 2012

Vision by Proxy: Second Edition, a Flash game I helped develop that won SIEGE Student Showcase and has (at the time of this entry) just under 3 million plays, is getting a sequel: Ms. Vision by Proxy. Our small team kicked off a Dev Blog at We’ll be posting project updates, desktop backgrounds, content… Read more »

Quality or Quantity?

Feb 25, 2012

Today’s question came from an undergraduate following a recent, slightly updated presentation of my Controlling Project Size posted on HobbyGameDev last month. I gave a more brief response than this on the spot, but as I think it’s something many new developers are likely to wonder about, I’ll try to provide a bit more complete… Read more »

Write Only As Much As You Can Revise Carefully

Feb 20, 2012

A New York Times entry from March last year included a Harvard entrance exam from nearly 150 years ago. The first line is the only part that I will call attention to here: Write only as much as you can revise carefully. Brilliant. Here, in fewer than 10 words, is an approach that applies to… Read more »

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