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Start Programming Today: Free Tools and No Experience Required (40 min.)

Aug 31, 2012

This is a bit of an experiment – right around the time I was starting to get the swing of those audio-only podcast-style entries, I decided to try another video tutorial like the one I made for Unity. However this time I’m focusing purely on introductory programming, which requires a somewhat different approach than the… Read more »

6 Design Rules of Thumb

Aug 31, 2012

I’ll be posting the introductory programming/Processing tutorial soon, as planned, however due to the time needed to get live coding examples ready (and my desire to rethink/reshoot a better version) I’ll hold off on completing the PHP video until Vol. 42. In its place for now, I’ll offer a slide deck I completed this summer… Read more »

Buggy3D One Day Port: Context Changes and Game Design

Aug 31, 2012

This post is available in audio form. Play the game discussed here, Buggy 3D (web/Unity), for a better idea of what this entry describes, or for comparison check out the OpenGL original. For reference here’s a video of real buggy, and additional information. Transcript of the Audio: Hi, Chris DeLeon here for HobbyGameDev. This is… Read more »

Making Finished Videogames (Student & Freeware) / Video of Slides with Audio

Aug 31, 2012

Back in Vol. 34 of HobbyGameDev, I included slides from a summary talk I delivered for incoming VGDev members in August 2011. This year I’ve extended and improved that presentation for this year’s incoming class, and have it here along with full audio: (Video Link) Entries mentioned in the talk or otherwise relevant: ActionScript 3… Read more »

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