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Programming Language Preferences and Tips from Readers and Twitter Followers

Mar 31, 2013

I use the handle @HobbyGameDev on Twitter for this blog. After tweeting from it for a long time only to announce new articles when I post them, I’ve recently switched to using it more actively, to engage daily with readers and other hobby or unfunded videogame developers. Another way that I have been using it… Read more »

Influence of Business Models on Game Design

Mar 3, 2013

This is pretty common position to hear from designers talking about the question of microtransactions: > I don’t have an ethical problem with microtransactions, except where a game is designed to manipulate people into spending extra money. This angle imagines that money is somehow a new factor in videogame design. It isn’t. I feel like… Read more »

Ms Vision by Proxy: Released and Ready to Play

Mar 1, 2013

Ms Vision by Proxy is now ready to play on NewGrounds or play at Kongregate. We built Ms Vision by Proxy atop an enhanced and extended version of Everyone’s Platformer, an engine I wrote and give away the full source code for as an example here on HobbyGameDev. For more information about getting started with… Read more »

How to Get the Most Out of Your First GDC

Mar 1, 2013

This post is available in audio form. Addendum, not in the audio or transcript below: another recent forum post posed a partially different set of questions about preparing for GDC, which I’ve responded to here. Music excerpts at the start and end are by Kevin MacLeod, via Creative Commons, from Transcript of the Audio:… Read more »

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