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You Made Some Games. Now What?

Jun 30, 2013

For developers that have already completed some videogame projects – perhaps even earning some awards, positive player response, or commercial success – what’s next? In videogame development there’s always more to learn. In today’s post I cover some general practices to expand skills in new directions, to take some pressure off the next release, and… Read more »

Arcade-Style Game Design / Pinball Presentation

Jun 24, 2013

I’ve written entries before about pinball’s relation to coin-op videogames, however – especially in the case of my master’s thesis – they’ve been lengthy and required some nontrivial effort or a prior interest in pinball to get through. The thesis is necessarily lengthy and thorough, whereas those older original blog entries were a bit disorganized… Read more »

Universal Test for Picking a Platform

Jun 21, 2013

A question that frequently comes up among people just getting into game development: which programming language, engine, tools, or libraries should I use? There’s actually a fairly simple trick to figuring out for yourself what’s currently a good answer. It’s even tailored to the type of game you’re looking to make and your development situation!… Read more »

Multiclass for Videogame Making

Jun 16, 2013

I’ve prepared another video entry, this time sharing various ways of thinking about the development of your skills in multiple domains. The core ideas covered include: There’s no fixed allocation of skill points in real life. If you put in the time, focus, and practice toward learning a different kind of skill, it doesn’t take… Read more »

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