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Playtesting Feedback: Distill, But Don’t Defend

Oct 29, 2013

Dr. Blair MacIntyre covered playtesting general practices today in his Video Game Design and Architecture class. He highlighted, among other general tips like not coaching nor correcting testers, the importance of not being defensive in response to feedback. VGDev speaker/president Matthew Guzdial stresses a similar point in his presentations for the club. Arguing with testers… Read more »

Third Person Aim in Unity

Oct 27, 2013

O.A. writes: Hi, I am a Unity newbie and would like to pick your brain on a Unity problem I have, if it’s not too much trouble. I want to make a 3rd person game with simple movements but I can’t seem to find a simple concise and direct script to just make the arms… Read more »

Tile-Based Collision Basics (1 hour video)

Oct 18, 2013

Although 2D grid/tile-based collision is a subject I’ve touched upon a few times before (links below, for further reading), since it’s a topic also of use to students in one of the classes that I teach programming for at Georgia Tech I’ve recently made and recorded an hour video tutorial walking through a simple example… Read more »

Genres and Conventions: Known Patterns of What Works

Oct 1, 2013

Hating on Genres Game designers sometimes speak poorly of genres. I strongly suspect that this same dialog has occurred and continues to occur in all other creative communities, from novelists to screenwriters to visual artists, though of course game designers are the community that I’m (we’re?) focused on. Closely related are the complaints about all… Read more »

Do Something with Your Ideas to Get More of Them

Oct 1, 2013

It Takes Work Creativity is rarely like tuning into a radio station to find finished music hidden in the air, just waiting to be picked up and played. It takes a ton of trial and error, at various layers of the work, to find something appropriately at the intersection of what you’re currently prepared and… Read more »

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