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Communication is a Game Development Skill (Part 1 of 2)

Dec 23, 2013

Today’s subject is an incredibly important one that gets a lot less attention than it should. Most videogame development guides and tutorials fail to acknowledge that communication is a game development skill. Knowing how to speak and write effectively is right up there alongside knowing how to program, use Photoshop, follow design process, build levels,… Read more »

Create Momentum and Experience by Making Recognizable Things

Dec 21, 2013

In this latest video entry I’m revisiting a few of the key ideas that consistently come up with developers that are past the programming language basics, but stalling a bit on figuring out what type of game to make. I’m collecting these thoughts and fitting them here in the context of a new central message:… Read more »

Encouragement and Advice from Fellow Game Developers on Twitter

Dec 11, 2013

Half an hour ago I asked on my @HobbyGameDev Twitter account: “Any words of encouragement or general advice for your fellow videogame developers, especially those that are just getting started out?” I was immediately overwhelmed by the outpouring of positive responses! Here’s some encouragement and advice from your fellow videogame developers. I’ve linked each of… Read more »

Degamification of Games

Dec 3, 2013

Is your game still fun to play without scores, limited lives, ammo limits, and restricted access? Related: consider why Game Genie was so successful. Here are the invulnerability and unlimited ammo settings from the MechWarrior 2 (1995) options menu, available right out of the box, as mentioned in the video: I’d love to see a… Read more »

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