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Payment Models and Game Design Tastes

Apr 16, 2014

How we pay has a role in shaping what we play. I touched briefly on this in my recent Lost Levels talk. It’s also a topic that I wrote about a year ago in Influence of Business Models on Game Design. I’ve reused and updated a few of those same points from that past entry,… Read more »

Interest-Driven Design Audio Course: First Track

Apr 13, 2014

As part of my preparations for the HobbyGameDev Kit coming out later this month, I’ve recorded a new multi-hour audio course titled Interest-Driven Design. By interest-driven, I’m referring to the kinds of videogames that we make simply because we want to make them, in contrast to profit-driven design. The course covers many of the practices,… Read more »

5 Min Impromptu Talk from Lost Levels at GDC 2014

Apr 9, 2014

At Game Developers Conference 2014 there were a handful of points that I was discussing with the friends, readers, and strangers (soon new friends!) that I ran into. While across the street at Lost Levels I had an opportunity to talk for a 5 min. interval, and jumped at the chance to share with a… Read more »

Other Helpful Developers to Follow on Twitter

Apr 3, 2014

Once again putting my @HobbyGameDev account on Twitter to use in an effort to better help and understand the videogame development community, the other day I asked the following: Game developers, whether beginning now or experienced, who are some people on Twitter that've helped you start or become a better developer? — Hobby Game Dev… Read more »

Prototypes Build Bridges to New Ideas

Apr 1, 2014

When we make things, we often do so because we want X to exist in a world in which we can identify that the world wants X yet X does not yet exist. We can illustrate that change with a diagram of this style:   Transformation: Template (state before) >–(what you do or make)–> (state… Read more »

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