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Crowded Blue Oceans: Swarms of Peer Competition

Oct 31, 2014

Several years ago I wrote Colorful Oceans and Chunky Sauces about two related ideas. The first of those ideas covered is Red Ocean / Blue Ocean Strategy, the gist of which is that greatest growth potential often happens by spotting uncontested opportunities where the more established companies haven’t yet directed their resources and attention. In… Read more »

Solo Home Videogame Development as Meditative Practice

Oct 31, 2014

The other day I read 3 Sources of Happiness That Aren’t Tied to People or Stuff. It’s a pretty short article, and well formatted to be easily skimmed if you don’t feel liking giving it full attention. Heck, the first two sentences pretty well lay it out: It’s incredibly important to find sources of happiness… Read more »

Fall 2014 Online Practice Team Project(s)

Oct 31, 2014

Battle dinosaurs with a bow and arrow! A new freeware online collaborative project started recently for the fall 2014 season. Anyone can join. It’s just for practice. (What about if you’re not into dinosaurs and arrows, or you want to deal with more of a project’s code and design? Pitch a different non-commercial project in… Read more »

Question From (Beginning) Developer: Is $X a Fair Amount for Music?

Oct 24, 2014

For context, this title question was received by someone I’ve recently started training. He’s programming his first game project. Since I’m formatting this as an Open Response for readers who may have related questions, I’ve extended my original reply with added considerations that are separate from his specific situation. Answer: Just what is a fair… Read more »

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