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If You Want to Make Games Competitively, Train to Compete

Dec 30, 2014

Making a videogame can be playful. Making a videogame can be hard work. There are times and places for both. Often here at HobbyGameDev I focus on videogame making as a playful activity. Making a videogame can be a game in itself, a carefree way to fill time alone or with friends. I started Gamkedo… Read more »

How Facebook Posts an HTML5/JS Game URL

Dec 27, 2014

You know how when you post a URL on Facebook to share it the post sometimes auto-fills in some stuff about that link? Well what if it’s a direct link to an HTML5/JavaScript game that you wrote – how can you have full creative control over what will get auto-filled in when people post a… Read more »

How to Get Out of a Rut

Dec 25, 2014

So maybe you’re not yet making videogames, but you want to be. Or maybe you haven’t found a way to change your situation to give you a bit more flexibility and time for doing so. Or – since this video entry is about more than just game development – maybe you’re not taking the next… Read more »

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