Daily Developer Interviews (Can Be You, Too!)

May 20, 2014

I’m looking to speak with – and share the stories of – people creating videogames of all types, sizes, and purposes.

Noncommercial is welcome, but so are commercial projects. Student projects and game jam projects are also fine too, as long as they are complete and original in design.

Conditions to be interviewed:

• You’ve finished making at least a few original videogames

• On those few original videogames you’ve served in a role with creative leeway, either working alone or, if on a team, as a major contributor

• You’d like to talk about design and development of one or more of those projects, your lessons learned, and your personal thoughts about videogame making

To get interviewed for the podcast:

Email HobbyGameDev@gmail.com subject: DevDaily with the following details:

1. Names of a few of your favorite finished videogames you’ve worked on, with related links to where people can play or find out more about them.

2. Clarification of your role(s) or involvement with each of the games mentioned.

3. Some questions you would like to be asked, or asked about, to help surface your interests, situation, and ideas.

4. What are some days and times (please include your time zone) on a typical week when you’re most available for a Skype audio call, and what’s your Skype username?

I’ll reach out at least a few days in advance to confirm whether a particular time still works and we’ll set a clear appointment then.

You’ll of course need a microphone. A built-in mic may work fine as long as there’s low background noise. Using headphones is encouraged to avoid feedback.

What we’ll talk about:

• Sharing your background as a developer, including discussion of how you got started, what games you’ve made, who you’ve worked with or been inspired by

• Your current projects or challenges and near-term objectives on the horizon

• Questions received from readers, @HobbyGameDev followers, and other developers

• Videogame development subjects and topics of special interest to you
Where will these go:

The audio interviews will be available for free through channels like the iTunes Store (pending the logistics involved) and Stitcher radio (ditto).

When these will be posted:

I’m building up a stockpile before I begin to release these daily. They won’t necessarily be posted in the order recorded, as I’ll be trying to provide listeners with a paced mix of genres, developer backgrounds, and so on.

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