Interest-Driven Design Audio Course: First Track

Apr 13, 2014

As part of my preparations for the HobbyGameDev Kit coming out later this month, I’ve recorded a new multi-hour audio course titled Interest-Driven Design. By interest-driven, I’m referring to the kinds of videogames that we make simply because we want to make them, in contrast to profit-driven design.

The course covers many of the practices, processes, and discussions that we’ve found helpful in the early, founding years of both VGDev and the Game Creation Society.

These ideas have helped hundreds of people create original noncommercial games, many of them beginning as new to team videogame creation. My focus here is on developing original games on a multi-month timeline – not just “game jam”-sized sprints. What I cover in the full course will still be of immediate practical use if you choose to create entirely on your own, but it’s especially intended for developers eager to move on to leading team projects.

Although the other four tracks of the full set will be released as part of my paid content, at 30 minutes this first track is still a pretty sizable free offering, and designed to stand on its own here as an entry.

SoundCloud link (in case of embed issues)
Music by The Spinwires, used by permission

If you’d like to download the track for easier listening in your program or device of choice, it’s included as part of the HobbyGameDev Kit Free Preview.

Enjoy. And happy game making!

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