Non-Artist Tutorials to Model 3D Level Spaces in Blender for Unity (Also: Texture Baking)

Jul 20, 2014

Part 1 (Tools Intro): Demo of the project, and what we’ll cover

Part 2 (Blender Basics): Viewport navigation, selection, simple editing

Part 3 (Tunnel Extrude): Rapidly shaping tunnels and rooms

Part 4 (Unity, Collisions): Importing into Unity, with mesh collision

Slight detour for a standalone video (not for the above series, but overlaps a little, and can be applied to levels) about baking lighting into auto-UV mapped textures:

As a few quick tips if applying this technique to levels: make sure the light sources are inside the mesh (of course), and due to complex lighting falloff and distance relationships in this case if the initial mesh isn’t the right size for play it may work easier to rescale the whole level mesh within Unity rather than doing it inside of Blender (which I suggested in an earlier video for when working on non-lit prototype spaces).

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