You Made Some Games. Now What?

Jun 30, 2013

For developers that have already completed some videogame projects – perhaps even earning some awards, positive player response, or commercial success – what’s next?

In videogame development there’s always more to learn. In today’s post I cover some general practices to expand skills in new directions, to take some pressure off the next release, and to get wrapped up in different ideas.

This rounds out the June 2013 edition of HobbyGameDev with a fourth video entry. Look for a return to written articles next month though, alongside a video. I wanted to focus in on getting practice at video production and presentation this month, however HobbyGameDev is definitely not turning into a video-only site!

Another HobbyGameDev update: I recently created a HobbyGameDev Facebook page. Much like I’m doing with the @HobbyGameDev Twitter account, I’m using the new page to highlight some older well-received entries from the years of HobbyGameDev archives. This is especially useful to help catch up newer visitors on material they may have missed, however there’s also a bit of new content, direct interaction, and ongoing encouragement intended for long-time subscribers as well.

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