GameDevsLikeYou 22-45, Gamkedo Club Now Worldwide, One-on-One Training Openings, Videos of Talks at USC, GDC, and IndieCade East

May 13, 2016

It’s been a long time since I last shared an update here on HobbyGameDev, but as always I’ve still been helping more people find their way in or into game development.

More Game Developer Interviews

The Game Developers Like You interviews podcast, recently also listed on Stitcher and Google Play in addition to iTunes, now has 45 interviews. That’s over twice the number when I last shared an update here about these. So many great stories from a variety of game developer backgrounds! If you don’t have any podcast subscription accounts you can still easily stream every episode right from the site.

Gamkedo Club (Formerly LAGameDevs) Now Worldwide

When I last wrote on HobbyGameDev about our club back in November last year we were only looking for members in Los Angeles. At the start of 2016 we opened up to long-distance members, and it’s been going great! We’ve created over a dozen games in our first half year as an organization.

Around 1/3 of our members are elsewhere around the world. Teams collaborate online, and long-distance members follow the weekly update meetings and monthly guest speakers via video.

Find our more or join at



One-on-One Training Reopened

If you’re interested in private training, mentorship, or other game development guidance I’ve recently reopened the applications. This is my first time accepting new clients in a year. My average time working with each person is longer than 9 months – I’ve had a dozen working with me for more than a year – so when the spots fill they tend to stay filled quite a while.

The form likely will only stay up for a week or two. If you’d like some help reaching your game development goals sooner apply before the window closes.

3 Talks: USC, GDC, and IndieCade East

I spoke recently at USC about pinball history, arcade gameplay, and digital rules:



I was also on a panel at IndieCade East 2016 about building developer communities:



Lastly, I gave a related talk about game development clubs at GDC 2014, and it recently became free on the GDC vault.

That’s the major updates. Thanks for checking in!

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