GameDevsLikeYou Podcasts 8-15 Plus New Video Course

Sep 21, 2015

Hello again!

The newest episodes of the Game Developers Like You podcast once again feature a variety of viewpoints and experience levels, which in this latest set includes:

• a producer of Game Boy Color games at Nintendo, Atari Jaguar ports, and toys
• a contract game programmer who’s also had his book on game development published
• a trained 3D animator who taught himself game programming
• a producer of medium-sized hobby games created with teams of her friends
• a team of graduate students at Singapore Digipen (winners of IGF China 2014 awards!)
• a Wii game developer who successfully KickStarted a card game
• a UK studio developing a custom creature battle game
• a motion control combat developer and puzzle game creator

Listen to these streaming right from the site (no account or software needed!) or tune in on iTunes to rate and subscribe.

Also! I’ve released a new video course on Udemy that’s a followup to the free one I published about half a year ago. To learn more about it check out Why I No Longer Teach Unity First.

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