Gamkedo.Community Podcast 46-62, Gamkedo Club Released 24 Games, and 9 Tips to Get Started Making Your Own Games

Jan 3, 2017

The podcast, formerly Game Devs Like You, has been retitled to Gamkedo.Community, but it’s still going now after a year. You can stream all episodes free at No account creation or software install needed.

Gamkedo.Club has now released 24 games, and at the time of this writing is currently working on 5 more. You can make games with us! We welcome team members worldwide from all experience levels.

Lastly, here’s a recent PDF I put together with Why You Should Make Your Own Games (+How to Start!). It’s only one (very tall!) page, but it sums up very efficiently much of what I’ve learned in the past 10-12 years helping others get started making their own videogames.

Happy 2017!

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