HobbyGameDev Blog is turning into the GameDevsLikeYou Podcast

Jun 22, 2015

You can find future interviews (a great first one is posted there already!) at GameDevsLikeYou.com, by subscribing to the official podcast page on iTunes, or subscribing via RSS.

In just a few minutes here’s some information about the transition:



Also, as one additional bit of news on the horizon, I’m starting a new local Game Development Club in Los Angeles. It’s going to be based closely on the patterns and processes iterated on for the previous game development clubs I helped kick off and grow in Pittsburgh and Atlanta (except unlike those, this one won’t be connected to a university):



For more information on that up and coming organization check out LA Game Devs.com.

Thanks for following along with my journey so far these past six years on this blog, and I of course hope you’ll choose to continue to follow along as I share more developer stories through Game Developers Like You via the site, iTunes podcast, or new RSS to follow the weekly episodes.

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