Making a Habit of Making the Time

May 27, 2009

Good Habits Are Hard to Break

My father once made the point to me that a good habit is as hard to break as a bad one.

Some people find themselves with momentum on a course they’re unhappy with, while others are virtually coasting to success. The main difference – within our control at least – is habits.

Getting started on making videogames may only last a day. Getting started on a habit of making videogames, on the other hand, will last until you deliberately go out of your way to break the habit. To distort the old metaphor about teaching a man to fish, it’s doing it daily – not just a matter of knowing how it’s done – that yields a lifetime of food.

Starting with the End in Mind

How much time each day do you see yourself spending making videogames once your skills are developed to a level of expressive fluency? Dedicating that same portion of time to building the skills through reading, asking questions, and experimenting will get you further faster. In the process you’ll be establishing a beachhead in your schedule from which your new skills can mount a full-blown invasion.

Much like playing guitar or painting, not everyone that goes into it will make a career out of it. The important thing to keep in mind though is that no one’s approval is needed to, at the very least, make an enriching lifelong hobby doing it.

We Become Our Habits

Someone that makes the changes in habits to consistently set aside time to work on learning how to make videogames is going to succeed at doing so. Someone that doesn’t, is not going to.

I assume, since you’re reading this newsletter, that you intend to get started, get back into, or get better at making videogames. Question: what are you going to do – today – to begin adjusting your habits to achieve that goal?

(Originally posted as Vol. 2 Sec. 1)

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