Featured: Juan Campa

Sep 24, 2009

In recently I put out a call to rising indie developers to nominate one another (or themselves!) for a chance at some additional recognition and acclaim.

Congratulations to Juan Campa, of Venezuela, and his nominator Jorge Palacios! The following letter came in from Jorge, included here because it very effectively links to Jorge’s work, puts it in greater context, and shares the excitement of what he has been up to:

Hi Chris,

My name is Jorge Palacios and I’d like to nominate Juan Campa. Juan is a student at the Simón Bolívar University (USB in Spanish); one of the most important and recognized universities in Venezuela. Juan is one out of two developers in *Gasp Games (formerly DotSlash Studios). They won 2nd place on Dream, Build Play 2008 (Battle Tennis) and now they’ve developed Guru Guru (review 1, review 2) for this year’s DBP. Furthermore, he participated in the Caracas Game Jam (part of the Global Game Jam 2009) and was one of the developers of Gnaka-gnaka.

He’s given Venezuela an important recognition world-wide and those are the reasons for the nomination. You can also check out his blog where he talks about his game development tool (a debug console) for the XNA platform.

Jorge Palacios

Incredible work and accomplishments!

Thanks to all that submitted nominations, and keep up the excellent work!

(Originally posted as GameDevLessons.com Vol. 6 Sec. 5)

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