E-Book: 10 Years of Indie Dev Takeaways

Dec 25, 2009

Image of the free e-book
In 2007, on my way out of Carnegie Mellon’s Game Creation Society, I wrote The Young Videogame Developer’s Journal as a way to leave behind some of the lessons that I learned from my previous decade of making homebrew videogames.

After finishing the first edition, I got feedback from peers, and things slowed down to a halt while I was preparing a second revamped and extended edition. A couple of years later – this past week – I realized that the old text in its unpublished state wasn’t helping anyone, and that along the way, I’ve picked up an ongoing audience of readers that are into hobby videogame development. I decided to go ahead and share the previously unpublished first edition:

Read it here:
The Young Videogame Developer’s Journal

Browse, print, share, and link to this e-book however you’d like.

Interested in playing any of the games mentioned in that e-book, to put the text into context? Most of them are available at the Archives page at InteractionArtist.com.

(Originally posted as GameDevLessons.com Vol. 9 Sec. 4)

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