Encouragement and Advice from Fellow Game Developers on Twitter

Dec 11, 2013

Half an hour ago I asked on my @HobbyGameDev Twitter account: “Any words of encouragement or general advice for your fellow videogame developers, especially those that are just getting started out?”

I was immediately overwhelmed by the outpouring of positive responses!

Here’s some encouragement and advice from your fellow videogame developers. I’ve linked each of their names to their Twitter accounts, so if you appreciate their advice and use Twitter it’ll be easy to follow them for future updates, or to reach out directly and say thanks.

John Z. Lindvay ‏@fightstrife: You are not alone.

Aaron Fothergill ‏@ZwilnikSF: Write a game. However simple it is. Write a game.

Nion Vox (Dannielle) ‏@nionvox: Don’t let mistakes discourage you. That’s how you learn.

MBybee ‏@mbybee: Go multi-platform from day one. Some of the smaller communities won’t make you much $$$, but LOTS of positive engagement

Sam Albon @2PersonGames: Never give up! Trust your instincts!

David Erosa ‏@david_erosa: #ludumdare starts in two days! Join and have fun! http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/

Beat Rootius ‏@BeatGringosEsq: Keep going, your 1st game will be rubbish as will your 10th, but everyone will always be better than the last!

Erwin ‏@erwin_raptor: don’t give up, making a game will always be difficult, you’ll need a lot of patience, but the results will worth it

Oz Ravenheart ‏@OzRavenheart: an image is worth a thousand words. pic.twitter.com/r9cpXyD0Tu

Celicam ‏@Ce1icam: This video, will help anyone with an open mind, and give them determination. if they’re lucky. www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhEsYXMXzek

Aaron Spencer ‏@AaronSpencer_: Ask me to do the music :p, Start simple: few game mechanics, simple design, 2D. Just get it finished.

Lewis Seddon ‏@Lewis_Seddon: Every working section of code you write is an achievement.

Ed ‏@K1NGEDWARD1: far too many cardboard buildings in games. Give each building and NPC a reason to be in the game.

Damon Pearce ‏@dreadofmondays: ‘The best way to get into games is to make a game’ seems like a useless piece of advice to someone that doesn’t know how. … But it’s probably the best thing you can do if you are starting out. Find an IDE and just start making things!

#WeAreTekken* ‏@Leigh_C14: To gain success you must be prepared for failure and when successful, be consistent

TAIYO SAGA ‏@taiyosaga: Practice, patience and passion.

bagus santoso ‏@ghen92: when you wanna give up, remember why you started

Dave Hill ‏@QAsmash: Pick a project and finish it. don’t keep giving up and moving to different ones, one finished project > 1000 unfinished

Narrative Designer ‏@StephenDinehart: just make it & get to testing. #GAMEdev

DemiGoth ‏@DemiGoth: “don’t be afraid to experiment with your programming” and “think out of the box to achieve your goal.”

I see… ‏@bigdipperart: Everything is hard before it’s easy. Express and make games for yourself, free yourself from others’ desires. Keep improving.

Abatron ‏@AbatronGame: Just put your nose to the grindstone and do it! And don’t forget to sleep some! lol

Damien Crawford ‏@DeveloperDamien: Your time estimates will likely be wrong. Just be patient and keep pushing forward.

James Thomson ‏@jmtgaming: Don’t get caught in Max vs. Maya debate. Pick one and learn it inside out, they both give great results

Juan ‏@reidrac: keep trying! you’ll get better!

Leonard Wedderburn ‏@ktp4life: Start out small #keepmakinggames

Renato Cherullo ‏@rcherullo: Playtest soon, playtest often.

Zephyr Workshop ‏@Zephyr_Workshop: Design space! Scope! Make sure ideas have a finite amount of possibilities. Creativity is nurtured by limitation.

Hotdog Vendor ‏@HotdogVendorED: A game doesn’t have to make any sense to be enjoyable. Just playable and interesting.

Thanks so much to everyone that promptly replied! If you have more encouragement and advice for new developers, please keep passing it on!

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