Intro to Programming (Lab Videos)

Sep 3, 2013

At Georgia Tech in 2012 and 2013 I’ve been a programming TA for two fall courses in the Digital Media master’s program: LMC 6310 (Computer as an Expressive Medium, taught by Dr. Jay Bolter) and LMC 6313 (Principles of Interactive Design, taught by Dr. Janet Murray).

In both courses students:

(a.) Come in with a broad range of programming experience, some even having no prior coding exposure, yet…

(b.) Have to learn enough practical development to make fully functional prototype applications involving non-trivial aspects of programming, including real-time graphics and input relationships (LMC 6310) and dynamic sites with custom database and API interactions (LMC 6313).

The technical skills that I teach as the TA are not the central topics of either course. The programming work is just necessary for students to deeply understand and engage with the theory material.

In contrast to my undergraduate courses in Computer Science, in which all students shared common objectives, in these courses the projects are intended to be creative, personal, and/or generally inventive. This poses a different sort of teaching challenge, in which rather than covering a specific data structure or algorithm, I need to prepare a room full of people to all create completely different projects.

Realizing this may potentially be of use to folks outside of Digital Media at Georgia Tech, and that students taking the course wouldn’t mind another option for review, I sought and received permission from the program’s director to prepare YouTube adaptations of the material that I cover on lab days.

I’ve recently changed my video equipment and set up, so they may be rough around the edges at first. Bear with me.

Anyhow, here are the videos, posted to new, separate channel just for these kinds of lab videos (not the general HobbyGameDev channel):

Lab Video 9 for 6310, about 2D tile-based collision, is posted too. It has its own entry with additional source links.

Lab Videos 10, 11, and 12 for 6310, about Simple AI Chase, Minigolf Roll, and Color Key Collision Map also have their own entry.

Videos for LMC6313, covering introductory PHP, simple forms, SQL, and moving toward APIs. Note that following along for the content in 6313 will require access to web hosting that supports FTP access and running PHP files.

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  1. Nuno L says:

    Hi Chris. I’m writing just to let you know that I really appreciate that you have shared this much knowledge of Processing! As an Arduino initiate, I began watching Jeremy Blum tutorials on Youtube, and he does a lot of stuff with Processing, and thus I began to use this platform. Your videos will be very useful!

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