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GameDevsLikeYou Podcasts 8-15 Plus New Video Course

Sep 21, 2015

Hello again! The newest episodes of the Game Developers Like You podcast once again feature a variety of viewpoints and experience levels, which in this latest set includes: • a producer of Game Boy Color games at Nintendo, Atari Jaguar ports, and toys • a contract game programmer who’s also had his book on game… Read more »

Uneven Dusty Air Effect in Unity

Feb 28, 2015

I say subtle a lot. I should reread Calvin & Hobbes to build my vocabulary back up.     Make sure to keep this effect subtle! That’s an important part of it. I also used a variation of this effect in Light Hook, another earlier r/HobbyGameDev project. To learn more about the Clever Girl project… Read more »

Most Indie Developers Do Freelance Contracts for Stable Income

Jan 31, 2015

I mentioned this briefly back in October, in Crowded Blue Oceans: Swarms of Peer Competition, but it’s terribly important and really needs its own detailed post. Whether it’s an IGF-winning developer, a profitable small game studio of salaried industry professionals, or a two person team living in a rented mobile home (that was my situation… Read more »

How Facebook Posts an HTML5/JS Game URL

Dec 27, 2014

You know how when you post a URL on Facebook to share it the post sometimes auto-fills in some stuff about that link? Well what if it’s a direct link to an HTML5/JavaScript game that you wrote – how can you have full creative control over what will get auto-filled in when people post a… Read more »

Game Tuning and Balance: Is the Optimal Strategy Most Enjoyable?

Nov 30, 2014

Canabalt is an exceptional game. In case you missed it – a real possibility since despite its breakout popularity, time passes very quickly in mobile and browser-based games – it was among the first modern wave of one-button infinite runners that then led to countless clones. You can still play it free in browser at… Read more »

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