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Organizing Projects As You Go

Oct 31, 2012

Hi, Chris DeLeon here for HobbyGameDev. Under the topic of “Organizing Projects as You Go,” Peter K. writes today: “I’m in school studying Computer Science now, and now we’re getting into multi-files, header-files, etc. I know there is no simple answer here, but I wanted to know what you thought about breaking up projects into… Read more »

Marker Fight: Foray into Physical Games

Oct 31, 2012

I ordinarily stick to digital games. However a design assignment in one of my courses recently led me to experiment with creating a physical game. It’s a game only in a loose sense of the word, as the emphasis is more so on play; there’s no way to win or lose. That’s true for some… Read more »

Independent Game Developer as Career

Oct 28, 2012

Matt D., as part of an assignment, had to send questions to someone in a career he finds interesting. He chose independent game developer as the career, and I’m the someone, so here goes! 1. What is the primary mission of this organization/profession? One of our key advantages as indie developers is our agility –… Read more »

Simple AI Example

Oct 27, 2012

I recently put together a simple AI example in Processing. If you haven’t heard of Processing, and would like a quick intro to it, I’ve also made a video tutorial on getting started with Processing [update: this video series I made later is a much more thorough programming introduction, also using Processing]. Try playing it… Read more »

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