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Photographer’s Algorithm

Dec 5, 2012

This is just a new term I’m applying to a basic design strategy that I’ve mentioned and explained on HobbyGameDev several times before. I usually refer to this idea as overproduction. Lately I’ve taken to instead thinking of it as the “Photographer’s Algorithm,” which I think gets the idea across more effectively. Professional photographers, even… Read more »

Stand It Up End-to-End

Dec 5, 2012

In First Pass and Order of Decisions I warn of the dangers of premature iteration – the importance of context in being able to meaningfully do low-level design work in such a way that any decision can even make more sense than another. Standing it up end-to-end is a phrase I’ve been using for many… Read more »

Joyride Released by VGDev (Unity Game)

Dec 4, 2012

Play it in-browser, via the free Unity3D plug-in, at For this hobby videogame project I served as project lead (original concept, core gameplay design, team management) and engine programmer, in addition to designing one stage and doing a little bit of art. Many other peers in VGDev contributed to the project, creating most of… Read more »

Reader Questions About My Background & Career

Dec 4, 2012

This month I received some questions from students in the Aurora Game Development Club as part of my being a virtual guest speaker via Skype, and separately from a classmate at Georgia Tech that needed answers about a career path for a class (it’s a different set than what Matt D. recently asked, though where… Read more »

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