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Make a Foundation to Duplicate for New Library, Language, or IDE

Dec 31, 2012

Whether you’re starting with (or switching to!) Processing for prototyping/demonstrations, ActionScript 3 to make a web game, C#/Unity for a 3D game, or C++/SDL for a high performance downloadable game (or for a medium-high performance game developed in less time C++ paired with Allegro/SFML, or C#/MonoGame/XNA)… no matter which library, language, or development environment you’re… Read more »

Non-Essential Level Art is Essential

Dec 31, 2012

One of the differences that can cause a student or novice project to stand out in a bad way, looking and feeling unfinished, is the lack of level art that’s non-essential to gameplay. I’m referring of course to art other than the main background, only because I’m assuming that main background art’s already accounted for.… Read more »

Digital Craftsmanship: Fall 2012 VGDev Student Projects

Dec 31, 2012

“…Craftsmanship has been said to consist simply in the desire to do something well, for its own sake… The satisfactions of manifesting oneself concretely in the world as through manual competence… seem to relieve [a person] of the felt need to offer interpretations of himself to vindicate his worth. He can simply point: the building… Read more »

Stop Arguing About What Makes a Better Game

Dec 30, 2012

…and go make your better game. Every indie developer that I know – and I’ve had the good fortune to meet quite a few of these folks – has a wildly different answer to the question, “what makes a good videogame.” They generally have an answer, it’s not as though the question leaves developers with… Read more »

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