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Fan Culture is Not Developer Culture

Feb 6, 2013

There is common confusion among people transitioning from full-time videogame fans to part-time videogame creators that developers should still, like good fans, soak up everything they can about videogame previews, videogame reviews, industry gossip, awards events, new releases and new trends. For comparison, consider whether a writer trying to stay on top of reading every… Read more »

Stop Trying to Learn Everything Before Starting*

Feb 1, 2013

Don’t wait until you know everything there is to know before starting. Learn just enough to get started. That includes having a rough idea of a realistic scope for a first project, so that you don’t wind up hopelessly lost and frustrated. Then get started. Get your development environment set up and compiling empty/test/placeholder/example code.… Read more »

Quick and Dirty Source Control

Jan 31, 2013

I recently received a number of questions from a reader about version control for hobby videogame projects. Responses follow. Q: How big does a project need to be to benefit form version control? A: In the laziest, simplest form, I think even a solo game jam can benefit from some crude form of version control… Read more »

Level Design Commentary in Ms. Vision by Proxy (Preview Video)

Jan 30, 2013

[Update: Ms Vision by Proxy is now released and ready to play!] This game is built atop / as an extension of Everyone’s Platformer (engine full source download), an engine I wrote and released the full source code for here on HobbyGameDev. For more tutorials and resources to help you dig into that engine example,… Read more »

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