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Time Management is Not About Time

May 31, 2013

Today’s entry is in audio form, an open response to reoccurring questions via Twitter about finding or making the time to learn the tools, practice the techniques, and make consistent progress on videogame projects. In it I highlight a few different ways of thinking constructively about our constraints and complications, and how we can work… Read more »

Overcomplicating Everything*

May 31, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an incredibly inspiring person. At 20 years old, he won Mr. Universe as a body builder. For many of us, we could just look at that achievement and see that as the likely high point, figuring that might come to define our identity and life path. No, that wasn’t enough though. He… Read more »

What Have I Been Doing (Second Edition)

May 28, 2013

“If you’re a hobbyist, don’t settle for simply being a more experienced beginner, nor a professional minus resources. Embrace the hobbyness, do something strange that beginners can’t and professionals won’t.” From Connect Videogame Development to What You Are Passionate About In spring 2011 I wrote an overview of projects I was involved with around that… Read more »

Assemble a Short Trailer

May 27, 2013

This post is available in audio form. Attack of the Cubes Trailer: Establishing a Videogame Development Club: Music at start and end of audio used via Creative Commons Attribution ( still alive by alxd Read more »

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