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“Is making videogames hard? Is it expensive?”

Jul 15, 2013

For this month’s video I decided to address two common questions that lead people to sites like mine: is making videogames hard? And is it expensive? As always, my focus here is on solo and small team projects, primarily for hobby and student purposes, though extensible to small commercial projects. This is my beginner entry… Read more »

Open Response to a Question About Female Armor

Jul 11, 2013

In a recent online discussion, the thread began with a user appreciating that Skyrim‘s female armor isn’t needlessly revealing or hypersexualized. Another added that Dark Souls is also good about this, and I had this image to add to the conversation, showing that that game’s prequel, Demon’s Souls, is pretty good about it, too: In… Read more »

Intellectual Property and Hobby Game Development

Jul 8, 2013

Combined with the e-mail question below, this post is particularly relevant in light of a recent news posting making the rounds, Treehouse Targets Indie Studio with Threat of Patent Infringement Lawsuit. Intellectual property is absolutely a topic that videogame developers, even if indie, student, hobby, or only doing noncommercial projects, really should try to become… Read more »

A Little Planning Can Go a Long Way

Jul 8, 2013

This post is available in audio form. Music by BoxCat Games, via Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Transcript: If you keep up with material on this blog, you know that I’m often a proponent of do, do, do. I’ve written entries before about over-preparation is often a form of procrastination, about how people over-complicating everything, and… Read more »

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