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Studying Game Design Through Pac-Man Ghosts and Cut Scenes

Feb 1, 2014

I’ve been experimenting with new recording approaches to better and more easily integrate slides, proper video camera (as opposed to webcam), and game/video screencast. I’ve prepared this lecture on game design, in this case studied through detailed investigation of ghost AI and historical consideration of the cut scenes, to test my updated set up: If… Read more »

Communication is a Game Development Skill (Part 2 of 2)*

Feb 1, 2014

…if you communicate masterfully enough – persuasively, clearly, fairly and reasonably – then the scale and types of projects that it’s possible for you to work on expands tremendously… Last month, in part one, I identified a couple of common points of trouble that arise for videogame developers. Communication matters! If communication skills are in… Read more »

You Will Probably Change Platforms. Many Times.

Jan 25, 2014

One of the topics that worry new-ish game developers – including developers that have just finished their first game or two – is which programming language, library, or platform is the best one to choose. This is related to a fear that learning the wrong one may keep a game from coming out well, or… Read more »

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