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Developer Interview: Matt Christian of Subject Matter Games

Apr 5, 2015

Today’s Game Developers Like You interview (now extended into April 2015, too!) is with Matt Christian of Wisconsin. Q: Hey Matt! High level – to set things up – what’s your story so far? A: I’m currently the creative director and CEO of Subject Matter Games. I have an educational background in computer programming and… Read more »

Developer Interview: Kurt Mai

Mar 28, 2015

Today’s Game Developers Like You interview is with Kurt Mai of Dallas, Texas. Q: Hi Kurt! For starters, mind telling us a bit about yourself? A: I’m a customer support engineer who likes to do some creative coding in my free time. I was involved in San Andreas multiplayer game modes modding in the past,… Read more »

Developer Interview: Maryanne Peters

Mar 20, 2015

Today’s Game Developers Like You interview is with Maryanne Peters of Toronto. Q: Hi Maryanne! To get us started, what’s a typical day like in your game development process? A: If I’m not already working on one, I pick a feature off my list (shortened by priority) and work out how to implement it. If… Read more »

Developer Interview: Tim Donley of Donley Time Foundation

Mar 12, 2015

What follows was an interview through the Game Developers Like You Survey Form that I recently posted. Remember: anyone at any experience level is encouraged to share their story, too. Join in – share your work, journey, and thoughts! Today’s interview is with Tim Donley, a very experienced game developer living in Austin, Texas. He’s… Read more »

Game Developers Like You (Text Interviews): Call for Participants

Mar 5, 2015

This month marks 6 full years of, and to mark the occasion I’m trying something a bit different: open call for developer interviews! Advice, games, and perspectives from developers at a variety of experience levels will be this month’s entries. The advice, games, and perspectives shared on the blog this month can be yours!… Read more »

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